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Teacher Trainings are offered to train individuals to become a competent Yoga Teacher in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and/or Yin Yoga with Yoga Alliance certificate 200h and 500h. Location of the training is @Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.


Our aim is that individuals joining the training with us are not only educated to be professional, open minded Yoga teachers with a safe foundation of Yoga philosophy and Asana practice. The training also serves your personality development and transformation process in depth, so that you as a future Yoga Teacher may teach from your own full experience, being aware of your responsibilities as a Yoga Teacher. The 200h and 500h trainings require that you are already established in a regular Yoga Asana practice and that you have some basic knowledge of Yoga philosophy.



• Required is a minimum of one year practice experience in Yoga Asana on a regular basis of min. 3 days per week under the guidance of a professional Yoga teacher, so you would be able to demonstrate all basic alignments in Yoga poses such as positioning of feet, hands, shoulders, chest, etc.

• Basic experience in being able to consciously prolonging your breath during any Asana practice.

• Being familiar with the basics of Yoga philosophy.

• Letter of personal intention.


If you are interested to become a Yoga Teacher with one of our Teacher Training programs, please write a letter to us in which you lay down in detail your motivation to become a Yoga Teacher:


• What is your intention to become a Yoga Teacher?

• What is your background, foundation?

• How long you have been practicing on a regular basis under the guidance of a professional teacher?

• Which style have you been practicing upto now?


>Send your letter of intent

Schedule 2018

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Training Structure

Level 1  Basic . 200h

Level 2  Intermediate/advanced . 500h

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Training 1

Duration one month.


Training 2

This training is splitted up into two units with a period of 6 month in between. During this time you will be integrating  your Yoga practice and teaching experience.

Unit 1 always will be starting on the first Sunday of the month, Unit 2 will be starting on the 3rd Sunday of the month as indicated on the schedule above.



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