​An Introduction into Ashtanga Yoga

Beginners often do not feel confident to join Mysore style classes. Mysore style classes are the most ancient and safest way to learn Ashtanga Yoga at  your own pace and without hurting yourself by finding your personal rhythm and by enjoying the full attention of the teacher. In our ongoing Ashtanga Intro Course for beginners you will learn fundamentals to be able to practice with confidence.

You might join the ongoing group course, enjoy One-to-One sessions or book an Ashtanga Intro Immersion Retreat on the Canary Islands with Anouschka.


Surya Namaskar  Sun Salutations
Vinyasa Krama  breathing-movement-system
Asanas  Poses
Ujjayii breathing  conscious breathing used in Ashtanga Yoga
Drishtis  mind focus
Dharana  concentration
• Bandhas  physical & energetic locks

The emphasis lies on the practice through memory of the learned poses and techniques. After integration of a small sequence you will enjoy the self confidence and experience to be able to participate in Mysore style classes. All postures are adapted according to your constitution and fitness.
During the Ashtanga Intro Course there is plenty of time to ask about details and foundations of the practice.
After  completing the 5 intensive beginners´sessions of 1,5-2h you are invited to practice the rest oft he month on an unlimited basis. The course is suitable for complete beginners in Ashtanga Yoga and for students who have already participated in some guided classes but still feel unsafe to participate in Mysore classes.


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