The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are the Heart of Yoga


I.2. Yōgaha Cittavrítti Nirōdaha
Yoga is the cessation of thought waves in consciousness – thus Yoga is the transcendence of mind or the ego.

Yoga is defined as restraint of fluctuations in consciousness. It is the art of studying the nature of consciousness, which is has three functions: cognition, conation or volition and motion. Yoga shows ways of understanding the functions of the mind and helps to quieten and transform their movements, leading us towards a deep state of silence, which dwells in the very seat of our consciousness. Yoga is thus the art and science of mental discipline through which the mind becomes cultured and matured and One with its True Nature.

All Yoga practice is based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a collection of aphorisms represented more than 2.000 years ago by the Indian Sage Patanjali.

The Sutras were earliest – and are still the most profound and enlightening – study of the human psyche. In them, Patanjali describes the enigma of human existence. He shows how, through the practice of Yoga, we can transform ourselves, gain mastery over the mind and emotions and in this way overcome obstacles within our spiritual evolution.

According to Patanjali, Yoga is the way and also the destination, the Union of the individual soul with the Divine Source as foundation for our existence.