…more conscious birth giving and a more conscious life.

• Ongoing courses with 5 x 1 hour sessions
• One-to-one sessions
Energy Body Feng Shui© sessions for Mothers to be


Prenatal Yoga & Body Feng Shui© especially recommended for pregnant women!
• Free yourself of energy blockages before birth giving

• Gift your baby with a happier life by being happier yourself
• Connect with and manifest your inner potential
• Be energized and healed by the power of CHI
• Enhance your life quality


Yoga Practice during pregnancy based on conscious breath is very beneficial and a precious gift to yourself. Yoga is known to be the foundation for a healthy and happy life and even more important if are going to be a mother. Yoga provides well being for you as a mother to be and an ideal preparation for birth giving in building up your physical strength, flexibility, inner balance, peace and awareness.


What you learn in the Yoga course..

• Yoga postures and techniques which are especially beneficial for pregnant women
• How to connect with yourself and your baby
• How to relax through conscious breathing
• How to optimize your vital force building up strength
• How to achieve the necessary flexibility, stability, mind focus and serenitiy to be prepared at the time of birth giving


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