Ujjayi Pranayama – The Victorious Breath


Ujjayi means “victorious” and is the most powerful Pranayama technique that, when practiced properly and regularly, has and immense cleansing and profoundly purifying effect on the practitioner. Ujjayi breathing is the foundation for Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and can be applied in any other Yoga Asana practice or just as a Pranayama exercise.

The sound produced in Ujjayi guides the practitioner to synchronize his breath with the movements in Vinyasa (breathing-movement-system) and while remaining in the Asana (posture).
Ujjayi also can be practiced while seated during a Pranayama session or before/after any Hatha Yoga session.
The technique of Ujjayi should be DIRGA, a prolonged breath, which should be SUKSHMA, smooth, like a prolonged sigh or the sound of ocean waves coming and going. This sound is gained by slightly contracting the epiglottis backwards, so the breath can flow behind the back of the opening throat while the mouth is closed. The chest lifts up during inhalation, opening the rip cage and the lungs. During exhalation the air is smoothly pressed out while the chest slowly moves down. The movements are caused by the diaphragm.

In Ancient days Yoga Rishi’s commented that Ujjayi Pranayama would melt the snow and even helps you to conquer death!


Benefits of Ujjayi

• Boosts the focusing power of your mind and your ability of
• Provides a positive attitude and makes your mind transparent
• Helps to control your body and maintain a rythm during Vinyasa*
• Increases the feeling of presence, self-awareness and meditative qualities
• Helps to develop your spirituality
• Ideal preparation for meditation
• Increases your self confidence
• Rises your energy level and your level of consciousness
• Increases immensely the amount of oxygen in your blood
• Rises your life quality
• Regulates your appetite
• Relieves stress
• Your body becomes healthy, strong and lustrous
• Generates the internal fire (Agni) and burns toxins
• Increases and boosts the function of all inner organs
• Helps giving up smoking
• Purifies blocked arteries, regulates cholesterol
• Helps in sinus problems, cataracts, migraine, rheumatism
• Can prevent heart attacks
• Prevents thyroid problems and makes voice sweet and melodious
• Beneficial for chronic cold, cough, indigestion, liver problems,
dysentery, fever and other diseases
• Improves lisping problems in children
• Very helpful in asthma and respiratory diseases
• It prolongs your life spam

• It makes you happy!


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