“The mind can reach the state of Yoga through practice and detachment.”  Patánjali 1.12


Mysore style

These classes are the most ancient and savest way to learn Ashtanga Yoga at your own pace and without hurting yourself, by finding your own breath and rhythm, enoying the full attention of the teacher. Therefore Mysore style classes are the foundation and source for inspiration for self-inquiry and deeper self-understanding, by serving your personality development and spiritual growth.

Half led Primary series

The teacher is announcing each Asana counting in Sanskrit in the Vinyasa method. Half led primary series is taught until Navāsana and at a slower pace. This class is suitable for students having completed the Ashtanga Introduction Course and with a safe foundation in Mysore style practice.

Full led primary series

The teacher is announcing the full series of Asanas counting in the traditional Vinyasa method. Full led primary series are only for students who have already a deeper integration of their practice.