Caring well for our students, we aim that everyone may have a wonderful and deep Yoga experience during his/her practice with us. Please respect the traditional teacher-student-relationship and follow the request of the teacher.


•   Kindly respect the traditional Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga methods as taught in Anouschka´s classes.

•   Please do not skip, add or deviate from the traditional Ashtanga sequence of Asanas, or Asanas of Hatha Flow sequences unless acknowledged by your teacher. If you do not know the sequence or if following the traditional method is not possible for you out of any health reasons etc., please request guidance from your teacher.

•   Please stay on your own mat and do not assist any other practitioner.

•   Please do not practice any new Asanas unless agreed upon with your teacher.

•   Please leave your personal items in the entrance of The Yogashala Canary Islands®, like cell phones, bags, water bottles. The foundation of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Flow Yoga is Ujjayi breathing used in Vinyasa (breathing-movement-system), to create an internal fire (heat) during your practice. In this way please do not drink during practice. By drinking water during practice, you would extinguish the internal fire, which is absolutely necessary for purification and release of blockages and toxins.

•   Please respect the peaceful environment we provide in the Yogashala, silence all conventional knowledge about conventional issues and leave them outside the door.

•   We encourage every student to be patient with him/herself, keeping a healthy humor. Please do not judge about yourself or compare yourself with other practitioners.

•   Respect your limits. Acknowledge that your body and mind will be different every day. Listen to your body and practice at your own pace, following your own breath. Remember that Yoga is a journey and a process of self-observance, self-discovery and transformation towards your inner True Self, and everyone has his or her own path to follow.

•   Practice with care and consideration towards yourself and others.​

•   Please refrain from unnecessary talking. During practice each student has his/her own experience and questions will arise. We would love to answer your questions after class.

•   Do not eat 2 hours before practice otherwise your body will need the internal fire for the digestion process instead for the Yoga practice and you will feel uncomfortable, but drink water before class.

•   Do not drink cold water until one hour after class. Then drink plenty of water after your practice.

•   Practicing Yoga, personal hygiene is an integral part. Please ensure that you and your props are clean.

•   Do not use perfumes to not bother other students during their practice.

•   If you feel emotionally upset during or after your Yoga practice (sadness, joy, anger or any kind of irritation), accept the feelings and try to welcome them with patience. If you have any difficulties, you are most welcome to talk with your teacher after class or ask your teacher to arrange a time with you before class.