New to  Ashtanga?


Ashtanga Yoga can be practiced by anyone who feels attracted to it.

If you are new to Ashtanga Yoga you can learn it in the traditional way and at you own pace by joining our ongoing Intro Course with Anouschka at Yogashala Lanzarote in Gran Canaria or by attending one of our regular Introduction Retreats on the Canary Islands.


Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most authentic, dynamic and holistic Yoga methods, which unites the inmost aspects of Yoga. A most valuable and powerful tool to initiate your inner journey to Yoga through postures, conscious breathing and mind focus.

Ashtanga Yoga simply provides you a healthy way of thinking a healthy body, vitality, flexibility, serenity and balance. This Yoga method can help you to discover your natural spirituality and happiness, until the practice becomes a “flowing meditation”. Ashtanga Yoga develops in the practitioner a healthy foundation to benefit her/him in day to day life.

In our Ashtanga Intro Course for beginners you will learn the fundamentals to be able to practice with confidence. At the beginning of the practice students often feel unsafe how to practice in a correct way. Mysore style classes are the most ancient and safest way to learn Ashtanga Yoga at your own pace and without hurting yourself by finding your personal breath and rhythm, enjoying the full attention of the teacher.
Mysore style classes are the foundation and inspiration for self-inquiry by serving your personality development and spiritual growth.


What you should know as beginner about
Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga could be considered as a Sadhana (an ego transcending spiritual practice) as well as one of the most holistic Hatha Yoga practices. An ancient Yoga method with lots of benefits for our body, mind and soul and a guide to inner peace.


Basis Aspects

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)
Vinyasa (breathing-movement-system) maintains a balanced burning of the inner fire. Through this heat our mind, body, soul and nervous system are purified.
Asana (inner attitude & physical pose).
Dríshti (point of attention), the point we look at during practice, purify and stabilize the function of the mind.

Trishtana (Vinyasa, Asana, Dríshti): helps us to purify ourselves (physically, mentally, emotionally) and brings the three qualities to one point – to a state of Yoga (Union ), which leads us in due course of time and dedication to a regular practice and to inner peace.

Ujjayi breathing: creates the internal fire for purification. A stable breath  provides stable internal fire.
When this fire is strengthened, our digestion, health and life span all increase.

• Vinyasa: breathing-movement-system. It creates the foundation for mind control.
Sweat is important by-product of Vinyasa, only through sweat disease is leaving the body.
Then the control of mind will manifest in a natural way. Vinyasa is the foundation for this to occur.

• Bandhas: Mula and Uddiyana Bandha. The Bandhas seal energy in our body and provides us with lightness, strength and health and they help to build up a strong fire in the body. They enhance the burning of impurities in our system and help to refine our Yoga practice to a higher level.


The Vedas teach us that there are six poisons that surround our spiritual heart: desire, anger, delusion, greed, envy and sloth. That´s why we tend to feel miserable. When we start to practice Yoga with right intention, the purification of the heart begins and the quality of Prana in our system increases. That´s why we begin to feel happier after Yoga classes.

The generated heat of the Yoga practice burns and transforms all impurities over time, so that the Divine, the true nature of a Being becomes more and more obvious. That´s why Yoga is the way and also the destination, the Union or Re-Union of the individual soul with the Divine.



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