Energy Body Feng Shui©


Energy Body Feng Shui© is an in-depth, precious and life changing gift to yourself and a valuable component to any Yoga practice, self consideration and personality development.


If you need a change in your life and if you want to raise the level of your energy and consciousness, or expand your point of view, Energy Body Feng Shui© can help to discover what you really want in life.

Energy Body Feng Shui© offers great opportunities for your transformation and is an uplifting and empowering energy work which can instantly release old blockages which are ready to be released. Energy Body Feng Shui© introduces pure Chi instead. It helps you to become more aware of lessons you still have to learn, giving you access to natural self understanding. It may help you to realize that you are a naturally conscious and spiritual being, and that your existence is far more than you might have assumed.

Energy Body Feng Shui© can open up doors to initiate this process of self-knowledge. It supports to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and of life. It reconnects with the energy level of your soul.

What happens in a session?

Energy Body Feng Shui© …​
• Releases & transforms blockages within your body-mind- system
• Stores CHI (pure energy and light or Prana) in your body-mind-system
• Connects you with your soul potential
• Makes your Yoga practice easier



Alpha Chi Feng Shui© is the most ancient Energy Feng Shui System. It is in fact the original Feng Shui that emerged from the primal space of creation, to maintain equilibrium in our life of opposites.
In the beginning of an Energy Body Feng Shui© session the Alpha Chi Consultant locates the existing energy fields in your body system. We are used to carry negative tendencies with us for ages, such as unresolved problems in our family, with friends, or blockages resulting from former life times. They are blocking our vital energy and preventing the natural flow of CHI (pure vital energy or Prana) to circulate freely in our system.
Likewise the free development of our soul, private issues and business affairs are reststricted. Often we feel that we cannot act as we would like to.
In an Energy Body Feng Shui© session the Alpha Chi Consultant discovers and locates these energy blockages to release them quite quickly.
Like in acupuncture, the Feng Shui symbols are being placed onto the body to transform negative energies. Thereafter, pure Chi is been anchored in the body, which allows the natural flow of the vital energy again, harmonizing and strengthening your whole body and energy field.

Highly recommended

• Begin your Yoga Introduction Course with an Energy Body Feng Shui© session on a Yoga Retreat, Yoga Escape or during Private Yoga sessions.
• Just have an Energy Body Feng Shui© if you are practicing already Yoga to enhance your practice.
• During Pregnancy: enjoy an Energy Body Feng Shui© during your pregnancy to be relieved of mental and emotional blockages before birth giving. You might have an easier birth giving and better motherhood.



Full program 149€

1. Pre-Consultation per Skype 30min.
2. Energy Body Feng Shui© 1,5h
3. After-check 1h

Simple program 125€

1. Energy Body Feng Shui© 1,5h
2. After-check 1h



Alpha Chi® Feng Shui Science

“Enhance your Life Quality & Living Space
for Harmony, Peace & Success.”

Energy Body Feng Shui©

• Develop and manifest your inmost potential.
• Adults. Pregnant Women. Children.

Anouschka Rudel
Alpha Chi® Consultant & Life Coach



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