Why Yoga Retreats on the Canary Islands?


The Canary Islands, also known as “The Islands of the Fortunates”, are located just off the northwest coast of Africa. The environment transmits a deep presence of virgin and pristine nature with a powerful presence of the elements and a large range of volcanic landscapes and colors: the islands are blessed with a magnificent sun with enormous bright light, amazing colorful sunrises and sunsets. The stunning power of the Atlantic Ocean with its blue to turquoise pure waters and waves. Breezes as fresh as champaign. The earth presents itself with most beautiful ranges of colors, sometimes from black to brown, then to gold over deep earthen red, then into a range of greens and yellows and finally melting into vermillion and black lava colors next to green plants and multicolored waters. Think all of this being emphasized by the volcanic deeply energizing power from inside out, and the natural healing presence of untouched nature. The pleasant temperatures are always 17-32 degrees Celsius throughout the whole year.

Therefore the Canary Islands (specially Lanzarote is granted by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve protected site status) are one of the most attractive places in Europe and a favored destiny for Yoga Retreats and sessions to completely disconnect, rejuvenate and charge your batteries.
​I am offering holistic Yoga Retreats and Private Coachings combined with a discovery of the Canary Islands. Experience life changing escape places in Lanzarote, La Graciosa, Fuerteventura and Tenerife, places on earth which are still untouched by tourism and remain in their natural completeness.

​The blessings of my Yoga Masters and my experience of the nature of the Canary Islands are the sources of inspiration for my work as a Yoga Teacher and Life Coach, and are the foundation of The Yogashala Canary Islands.
I invite you to come and enjoy the Canary Islands and to be inspired by the Yoga holidays and retreats. The presence of the nature will naturally draw you back into a state of deep relaxation, grounding, peace, balance and beingness.

Anouschka Rudel, 2017.