“The practice of Yoga is the commitment to become established in a state of freedom.”

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.13





Anouschka is internationally organizing and running holistic Yoga and Wellness Retreats in Ashtanga, Hatha Flow Yoga on the Canary Islands, Spain. Caring well for my students, it is my goal that my students have a wonderful and deep Yoga experience in the midst of the energizing and untouched volcanic nature of the Canary Islands, with one of the worlds´ best climates.​ She feels honored to offer you this unique opportunity far away from your daily life, but easy to reach from Europe and other places from all over the world.

Following ancient Yoga traditions through a Vinyasa based and holistic Yoga practice, blockages in your system are being released while your Vital Energy (Prana) will increase. This prevents sicknesses, purifies mind and attention and your heart. Then  wisdom arises naturally. Your mind and awareness will become more transparent and clear, which is a basis for natural happiness. Body pain can be relieved and even cured. Your wellness altogether will increase, your life span will  be prolonged and life quality enhanced. Yoga is a precious tool and treasure: invest in yourself and in a happier and healthy future now. If we practice Yoga as it is taught originally and traditionally, we can receive the maximum benefits from it.


May All Beings Be Happy!